Honoring Our Ancestors, Acjachemen Wisdom Day: June 9 2018 RSVP

One Vision. One People. One World
Join us. June 9th, as we join together and send a message to the world.

RSVP HERE https://bit.ly/2GmK5ou

Remember, We belong to Mother Earth.

Date: Saturday | June 9
Time: 10:30am - 2pm*

*Allow ample time to park and walk to site (30-40 minutes).

Location: Trail 6, San Onofre State Park
Parking: $15 in lot (limited parking; ridesharing encouraged!)
Bring: Rattles, 2 wood sticks or clappersticks, water container & sunscreen

* Please no signs or drums

The Acjachemen Nation is a native California tribe who has stewarded, revered and inhabited territory in what is now known as Orange County for more than 12,000 years.

For more information, contact:

Adelia Sandoval, Acjachemen Nation
Info at juaneno.com

For disability accommodation requests, contact:
Carry Kim

tsomoyog at gmail.com



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