Common Sense Band tonight in San Clemente

On the beach tonight at 6 pm for "Bringing Bands to the Sand!" Oh how we have waited for this moment.

Got to keep on smiling ... no one is an island.

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San Clemente Ocean Festival is This Weekend

Ocean Festival, an annual event on the pier in San Clemente is coming up. Join us next weekend as we celebrate Ocean Festival July 16 & 17th, 2011.

Free parking and free round trip shuttle service will be available from the San Clemente High School.

700 Avenida Pico, San Clemente, CA 82672

Saturday July 16 6:30 am - 8:30 pm
Sunday July 17 6:30 am - 5:30 pm

Activities of the Ocean Realm are overseen by King Neptune, on land known as Ed Howie, and Ariel, known on land as Megan Yaklyvich.

The day begins at 6:30 am on the pier with a Children's Fishing Clinic. Registration for the "Groms Rule" surf contest for ages 14 and under begins at 6 am. The contest will take place between 7 am - 4 pm just north of the pier.

City Lifeguard Pancake Breakfast 7:30 - 11:00 am

Kid's beach run and California Waterman & Waterwoman Championships follow.

Sand Sculpture Team Competitions take place on Sunday July 17. Registration begins at 6:30 am south of the pier. Judging and viewing take place 1 - 1:30 with the awards immediately following.

Teams of up to 10 people each and there are 20 spaces available. There are four categories: Castles and Things, Creatures, and Family or Open. There is a $25 entry fee per team. Your building area is 20 feet by 20 feet.

You can start as soon as you register and receive your plot assignment. Download your Registration Form Here.

19th Annual Wood Car Exhibit

Saturday and Sunday the cars will be displayed on the pier from 8:30 am - 2:45 pm.

Each morning a different selection of 15 classic woody station wagons will parade from Avenida del Mar to the pier.

19th Annual Great Rubber Duck Race will be at approximately 4 pm on Sunday.

Ducks are available for purchase throughout Ocean Festival for $5. If your duck rides his or her wave to the shore first there are a bunch of exciting prizes for those lucky winners.

San Clemente Does a Great Fourth of July

San Clemente Fourth of July is on of our favorite celebrations on the pier. Here is video from 2009 of the San Clemente Pier fireworks. This year fireworks will begin at 9 pm.

video credit: DesertNut Films

San Clemente Fireworks

San Clemente Fireworks at the San Clemente Pier will begin on Monday, July 4, at 9 pm. Enjoy some footage from 2008 as we look forward to a fabulous three day weekend at the San Clemente Pier.

video credit: Desert Nut Films

The San Clemente Pier will be closed on Sunday at noon in preparation for the fireworks display. The Fisherman's Restaurant will still be accessible and open for business.

Pizza Party at the Beach with San Clemente Green

Meet San Clemente Green on Wednesday, June 29th at 6:00 PM just north of the San Clemente Pier. We'll be providing organic pizza, thanks to Z Pizza's generous discount,

Please bring something to drink, or fill your reusable water containers with some pure drinking water provided by Pacific Water Solutions. 

We'll be presenting an update on the Sustainability Action Plan, Henderson House Community Garden, and the San Clemente Community Market. 

We also want to tell you about why we are calling for a shutdown of our nuclear power plant.

SPECIAL NOTE: A film crew from Germany will be making this part of an hour long documentary on "Earthquakes and Nuclear Power Plants in California". Also - Ryan and Kai Kalama will be playing some great acoustic music for us.

San Clemente Plein Air Competition

In front of San Clemente's Community Center and Library are the completed works from "Paint San Clemente" the annual Plein Air Competition.

Here are a few examples of works specifically featuring the San Clemente Pier.

"San Clemente Beach" by Michael Situ

The rules of the contest specify that the art work is to be painted "en plein" during the week of June 18 to June 25 in order to be judged for this annual competition.
"To the Pier" by Toni Williams

Paintings may be put up for sale at the Gala Event. No paintings will be sold before the Gala Event, held Saturday, June 25 between 6:00 and 8:30 pm in the Community Center Auditorium.
"Pier from Above" by Rita Pacheco

Local artists as well as artists from all over the country participate in Paint San Clemente. You have probably seen the palettes and easels set up all over our picturesque town.

and "New Day at the Pier" by Joli Beal

Paintings will be up for exhibit in the San Clemente Art Gallery from June 18 to August 4.

San Clemente Car Show on Del Mar Avenue

Today on Del Mar Avenue in San Clemente will be the 16th Annual car show from 10 am to 3 pm.

In addition to our weekly Sunday Farmer's Market classics and exotic cars will line Del Mar. It's quite a sight and fun for the whole family. Free too.

Free shuttle services are available from San Clemente High School.

As you can see it's a pretty popular event. So wear comfortable shoes, sunscreen and leave the puppy at home because there are no pets allowed on Del Mar during the event.

Playa Del Norte No Gracias

The Music Man Comes To San Clemente, Episode 1
I don't think I've met Jim Kempton (SCT Wavelengths), but I've only ever heard good things about him. People have gone out of their way to tell me how much theylike Jim. When he writes of SC's lost development opportunities, it's true. Another truism is, "Timing Is Everything." Timing dictates every positive-negative event that ever happens. Or doesn't happen.

Good Timing is when stuff you want, like, or wish for - come true. Bad Timing is thinking you're standing in the right place for all your hopes and dreams to come your way, instead the opposite happens. San Clemente, from its inception in 1927, has experienced better than average Timing. Ham Cotton, bringing Ole Hanson here was brilliant Timing. Ole Hanson leaving in 1929 was bad Timing. Had Ole stayed another 20-years, SC would be a different place today. But that's timing. Besides, what's here (or not here), compared to elsewhere, continues to be SC's drawing card.

San Clemente is not yet "over done, over-cooked, or packed to the gills." It's a matter of Timing. So, is the Nixon Library not being here a missed opportunity? Mr. Kempton thinks so. What it really is - was plain old bad Timing. Or good Timing. Either way, its Timing was off.

Try to imagine Ole Hanson's unmet plans for SC had he not left in 1929. Missed opportunities?
No, just bad Timing. When Ole left, his power to get things done his way, left with him. In today's Timing, what will happen at North Beach after our March 8th election? No one but Time knows. And it's not telling.

For sure, one side will applaud and one side will frown. It's all in the Timing. Whatever the result, San Clemente will go on being the almost-perfect beach town Ole dreamt up 3/4 of a century ago. Leaving it to us, to interpret his clear-vision of ocean views for everyone - keeping San Clemente the best place to live, at the beach. For me, NO on A does that. Time will tell.

Jerry Collamer
San Clemente, CA 92672

Yes On A Giveaway

No On A Tax Increase!

Concerned resident and letter
writer Jeff Chambers incorrectly
defines the hotly debated Playa
Del Norte project as:
"This is not a land grab."
When what it is - is: "a city owned,
beach-land giveaway."
City-owned means, "public owned."
We the residents of SC, own the
North Beach acreage, some in
city-gov are ready to "give away."
It's that simple.
Beach-front property in SoCal
is the most expensive "land"
anywhere. Everyone knows it.
North Beach's city-owned beach
front property (ours) is valued at
$9-million, and or $6-million after
infrastructure improvements
(before a structure could be
built there). It's worth repeating:
SC's citizenry own NB's $9-million
hunk of precious beach-front
acreage. If "Leased," a proper
return to the city would be about
$700,000 annually.
But, in the NB-deal (carrot) our
city is offering the LAB (developer),
is a 55-year lease, at $1-dollar a year,
for 3-years! One dollar?
Then - $10,000 annually for 4-years.
Then - $40,000 annually, plus a
percentage of sales for the next
48-years (to 2066). Wow.
No wonder LAB Corp wants this deal.
In the "too good to refuse" deal, if the
LAB's retail business there, was to
perform (as they predict it would) -
after the first 5-years, LAB Corp could
buy "our" beach front property for
$1-million, but not more than $1.8-mill.
Fast-forward to NB's beach-front
acreage 55-years from today - 2066.
Imagine it's $$$-value then.
In 1910 SoCal beach-front lots sold
for $300. In 1970: the $30,000 range.
Today: for multi-millions-$$$.
So in 2066? Unimaginable. Making
our city-give-away of North Beach
pure gold for the developer, and
long term fool's gold for us.
San Clemente beach-front for $1?
Or even $1.8-mill, in 5 years?
For SC, this is a seriously bad
real estate deal. Let's not make it.
Be a savvy landowner - No on A.

jerry collamer
San Clemente
Ca - 92672

Sunday Brunch San Clemente

I realize on the weekends it gets busy. And so putting our name on the list was no option. They were sweet about it. So sweet we were able to venture to the savory side.

I chose the Sunday Brunch, described as "Smoked salmon, fresh Dill, creme fraiche and slivered red onions. The spirit of Sunday Brunch any time of the week." It just so happened to be Sunday. And I had the spirit.

Sprinkled with dill and sweet tomatoes the crepe did not disappoint. Proof.


Another Bad Idea From The San Clemente City Council


Vote YES ON A! because there are not enough empty storefront in town!

Vote YES ON A! to trample private property owners right in San Clemente!

Vote YES ON A! because San Clemente makes beach front property!

Vote YES ON A! To The Taxmobile!