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Playa Del Norte No Gracias

The Music Man Comes To San Clemente, Episode 1 I don't think I've met Jim Kempton (SCT Wavelengths), but I've only ever heard good things about him. People have gone out of their way to tell me how much theylike Jim. When he writes of SC's lost development opportunities, it's true. Another truism is, "Timing Is Everything." Timing dictates every positive-negative event that ever happens. Or doesn't happen. Good Timing is when stuff you want, like, or wish for - come true. Bad Timing is thinking you're standing in the right place for all your hopes and dreams to come your way, instead the opposite happens. San Clemente, from its inception in 1927, has experienced better than average Timing. Ham Cotton, bringing Ole Hanson here was brilliant Timing. Ole Hanson leaving in 1929 was bad Timing. Had Ole stayed another 20-years, SC would be a different place today. But that's timing. Besides, what's here (or not here), compared to elsewhere, c