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San Clemente Connected PhotoWalk

TONIGHT 6:00-8:00 PM

Come enjoy a leisurely walk around San Clemente's historic main street, ending with sunset at the San Clemente Pier.  Meet at the San Clemente library clock on Del Mar, google maps link here242 Avenida Del Mar, San Clemente, CA 92672 Kids & dogs welcome, we will have ours!

Q1)  What is a PhotoWalk?

A1)  A PhotoWalk is a gathering of people sharing tips and tricks while digitally grabbing a space & time, with the goal of sharing what is created back out to the world, usually thru the use of a hashtag.

Q2)  Ok a PhotoWalk is a gathering of people that take pictures and interact with each other and their surroundings, got it, Now what is a hashtag???

A2)  #Hashtags create a conversational space on all major social media networks. By using a hashtag you are self sorting the content you create, making it findable by the people who are interested in it.

*The hashtag we will be using is #SanClemente when you read it hear "Pound San Clemente"

So ge…