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Switchy Switch by Common Sense live at the San Clemente Pier

The San Clemente Pier where the good life comes in waves... "Switchy Switch" by Common Sense

Strange One by Common Sense live at the San Clemente Pier

Full stop, are you ready to go? Strange One by Common Sense LIVE on the San Clemente Pier sand!

The Rock by Common Sense live at the San Clemente Pier & http://CommonSenseBand.comCommon Sense belts out The Rock to Surfers Healing. Seeking to enrich the lives of children with autism thru surfing & music.

Poundy Pound by Common Sense live at the San Clemente Pier

Poundy Pound, from the UPCOMING Common Sense CD!!! LIVE on the sand in front of the San Clemente Pier. We'll leave the light on for you...

San Clemente Pier Surf

A local surfer getting a nice ride yesterday at the San Clemente Pier.

Mickey Muñoz Says

Mickey Muñoz asks you to help support the Surfing Heritage Foundation.

Nichole Chambers Dana Point Chamber CEO

San Clemente Pier Shack & Grill

Come down to the end of the San Clemente Pier and get your TWITTER DISCOUNT!!!

San Clemente Pier Shack & Grill 949 492 8335


Disney was right in 1959. for the solution to our traffic problems we need to look no further than our own back yard...

A bipartisan team of pollsters, Dr. Jan van Lohuizen (Voter/Consumer Research) and David Binder (David Binder Research), today released new findings from an Orange County public opinion survey regarding the proposed Foothill South toll road through San Onofre State Beach. The survey research's central finding reaffirms that a large majority of Orange County Voters surveyed (63 percent) opposes a toll road through the state park.

The updated survey illustrates that while Orange County voters may support toll roads, once they learn the implications of the proposed Foothill South Toll Road and the negative impact it wouldhave on San Onofre State Beach, the more strongly they oppose it.

The findings show that, compared to a poll conducted by the same team of pollsters last year,
there has been no erosion whatsoever in public opposition to the toll road, and indeed t…

San Clemente Pier Surf Culture

San Clemente is defined by our coastline; 13 surf breaks are in city limits.

California’s legendary surf break, Lower Trestles, is located at the mouth of San Mateo Creek, just south of Casa Pacifica, Richard Nixon’s former Western White House.

Surf culture reigns.

San Clemente has “surf” moms, not “soccer” moms. San Clemente High School holds surfing classes at the pier. Mark McElroy, Saddleback College’s head football coach and San Clemente High School alum, wrote the Saddleback College surfing curriculum.

Huntington Beach and Santa Cruz may vie for the title “Surf City USA,” but San Clemente High School has held the NSSA national surfing title in six of the last seven years.

Residents are fiercely protective of city beachfront.

Derail the Trail, a citizens’ grassroots group, formed in the 1990s to oppose a three-mile concrete trail from North Beach to San Clemente State Park. San Clemente City Council rejected the concrete trail in a 5-0 vote in 1999.

A Council-appointed group of …

San Clemente Sea Monster Sighting

I Saw a Sea Monster, by Ralph Bandini

From Esquire Magazine for Men, June 1934

Have any of you ever seen a sea monster? No? Very well—I have!

It is an amazing story—and true in every detail. I am quite aware that it takes square issue with science. I have no illusions as to inevitable scepticism. Nevertheless, I know what I saw—and I tell it as I saw it.

Just at the moment sea monsters constitute what is known in newspaper parlance as "hot copy." Almost any week in the daily papers, in Sunday supplements, in magazines, the reader can find some yarn telling of this or that strange creature seen in the sea. It is almost as though all the hidden monsters of the depths had suddenly taken it into their heads to pop up to the surface.

Of course there is nothing new in this matter of sea monsters. For hundreds, even thousands of years, sailormen have brought to port tales of sea serpents—but their stories have been scoffed at. Scientists have gravely declared that no such creature…

San Clemente Fiesta Street Festival

TODAY IS THE DAY! Get some satisfaction at the 55th annual San Clemente Fiesta.

Presented by the San Clemente Chamber of Commerce

Del Mar Ave, San Clemente Ca, 92672

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Enjoy A San Clemente Staycation

Day one of my staycation via @33mitto Photos taken in San Clemente California with a little surf music to back it up...

San Clemente's Not The Same, Mr Nixon You're To Blame

The 1969 protest song San Clemente's Not The Same. (Mr Nixon you're to blame)

Sung by Barbara Foster Written by Myron Ace Produced by Preview Records.

The theme of this classic denounces the Washington/political tourist crowd that bombarded San Clemente after Richard Nixon moved to our coastal hamlet and bought the Cotton's estate. To this day the home is still known as the Western White House. Related articlesSan Clemente's Not the Same, Mr Nixon You're to Blame!Final Nixon Tapes Shows Surprising Side Of Relationship With BrezhnevFinal Nixon tapes reveal bid to ease tensions with SovietsFinal batch of secret Nixon tapes releasedFinal set of secret Nixon tapes released