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The Awakening Is Happening

Everyday People Waking Up To Their Own Mastery   Come be part of a very special evening at the Center for Spiritual Living Capistrano Valley as we welcome "Everyday Master" Case Parks for his talk, "The Awakening Is Happening" Everyday people waking up to their own mastery, August 1st, 7pm, 1201 Puerta del Sol, San Clemente 92672 ( where Pico and Vista Hermosa meet) Meet other volunteers just like you. 

Festival of Arts and Pageant of the Masters

 VIP Bloggers Preview Night 2018 The 85th year of the Pageant of the Masters, brings us "Under the Sun" for one of the most memorable events in the history of the show. We start with the first peoples who inhabited this place called Laguna to the modern surf tribes living here today. A history lesson like no other, told in art and music. This years Pageant is not to be missed! #FestivalPageant In the early years of the 20th century, a new generation of impressionists and plein air painters set up their easels outdoors and reveled in the natural beauty to be found as far as the eye could see. In the 2018 show, UNDER THE SUN, theatrical magic, live music and light-hearted storytelling will honor Laguna’s own and other artistic pioneers from around the world who left their studios in search of new inspiration. There’ll also be no shortage of fun and surprises as the Pageant acknowledges two local milestones: the 85th anniversary of “living pictures” at th

A Local Guides First; Safecast visits the San Onofre Nuke Dump

Safecast-collaborators from the NGO Residents Organized for a Safe Environment (ROSE) recently used a bGeigie Nano when visiting the site of the San Onofre nuclear plant in California. It was the first time that Safecast’s devices have been used to make measurements inside a US nuclear plant facility.  The group, which also hosts a Solarcast , has been volunteering with Safecast for a while now, and their strong, local efforts combined with Safecast’s reputation and standing could lead to several Solarcasts finding a more permanent home on the grounds of the San Onofre Plant. “Our collaboration has the potential to lead to the creation of the first monitoring system of its kind in the US, which would be really exciting, and show the value of local groups having open, accessible tools to work with, rather than having to rely solely on equipment and measurements from companies and government organisations,” Sean Bonner of Safecast says. (click here to read more) ACTION ALE

First Alert System at San Onofre Nuclear Waste Dump

Is a First Alert System at San Onofre Nuclear Waste Dump Possible? Gene Stone & Darin R. McClure   Darin and I took some radiation readings June 12 at SONGS waste dump on the ISFSI pad of 324 CPM’s and talked to Tom Palmisano about Safecast and the setup of a real-time radiation monitoring system with free public access. I posed these questions to Sean Bonner and Arnie Gunderson about a first alert system at San Onofre nuclear waste dump. If a Solorcast nano (using the CPM option} and thermocouple were to be placed at each of San Onofre Holtex canisters right at the heat vent for monitoring like Darin and I did on Jun 12 (see picture below). Knowing that there will be some  differences between each of the 72 canisters. As long as the CPM numbers on a particular canister stayed close to that same number, say 324 CPM’s over a period of time, that would indicate “no leak”? However, if this same canisters numbers moved up more than 100 CPM’s or more (or any of the other cani

Honoring Our Ancestors, Acjachemen Wisdom Day: June 9 2018 RSVP

One Vision. One People. One World Join us. June 9th, as we join together and send a message to the world. RSVP HERE Remember, We belong to Mother Earth. Date: Saturday | June 9 Time: 10:30am - 2pm* *Allow ample time to park and walk to site (30-40 minutes). Location: Trail 6, San Onofre State Park Parking: $15 in lot (limited parking; ridesharing encouraged!) Bring: Rattles, 2 wood sticks or clappersticks, water container & sunscreen * Please no signs or drums The Acjachemen Nation is a native California tribe who has stewarded, revered and inhabited territory in what is now known as Orange County for more than 12,000 years. For more information, contact: Adelia Sandoval, Acjachemen Nation Info at For disability accommodation requests, contact: Carry Kim tsomoyog at STAKEHOLDERS ENCOURAGED TO ATTEND! 

Raising Our Consciousness Rally #SaveTrestles

Join us in prayer and meditation as we lift our consciousness up and over the current movement of nuclear waster into thin Chernobyl cans on the beach at San Onofre. Saturday February 3rd, 1pm Center For Spiritual Living 1201 Puerta Del Sol San Clemente CA 92672