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San Clemente Pier View

Reach Out. Don't be afraid. Be interested. Connect...

Pick Up 3

It really is just that simple, Pick Up 3 and the difference you will see! Watch and share this short film about ocean and beach pollution.

Chris Hawk A Surfers Prayer

"Peace. Love. Surf." - Chris Hawk Now that I am beyond peril Commend me not on land In soil, to dirt Fuel for worms And all the earth's corruption Lay me down In the bosom of the stormy sea In the grip of Poseidon's frenzy Let your tears swell the tide That bear all craft aloft To fair winds and the quay side At the pleasure of Mac Lír Let my coffin fall past The watchful eye of sharks To join those who fell before Sailors, pirates, mermaids And all who ride upon the spray Fire the Bofors gun Once for my life Once for my love Once for my son Once for my soul Lost on the cresting wave Chris Hawk surfer, shaper, Surfers' Hall of Fame inductee, died of cancer Oct. 23 here at his home in San Clemente. "Peace. Love. Surf." - Chris Hawk