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Yes On A Giveaway

No On A Tax Increase!
Concerned resident and letter
writer Jeff Chambers incorrectly
defines the hotly debated Playa
Del Norte project as:
"This is not a land grab."
When what it is - is: "a city owned,
beach-land giveaway."
City-owned means, "public owned."
We the residents of SC, own the
North Beach acreage, some in
city-gov are ready to "give away."
It's that simple.
Beach-front property in SoCal
is the most expensive "land"
anywhere. Everyone knows it.
North Beach's city-owned beach
front property (ours) is valued at
$9-million, and or $6-million after
infrastructure improvements
(before a structure could be
built there). It's worth repeating:
SC's citizenry own NB's $9-million
hunk of precious beach-front
acreage. If "Leased," a proper
return to the city would be about
$700,000 annually.
But, in the NB-deal (carrot) our
city is offering the LAB (developer),
is a 55-year lease, at …

Sunday Brunch San Clemente

I realize on the weekends it gets busy. And so putting our name on the list was no option. They were sweet about it. So sweet we were able to venture to the savory side.

I chose the Sunday Brunch, described as "Smoked salmon, fresh Dill, creme fraiche and slivered red onions. The spirit of Sunday Brunch any time of the week." It just so happened to be Sunday. And I had the spirit.

Sprinkled with dill and sweet tomatoes the crepe did not disappoint. Proof.