Viva La Pata


Pic: circa 06 - Old Hwy 101 concrete bridge at Upper Trestles

La Pata History:
A road first penned in 1956.
At that time, RMV Corp (their land) had it in mind
to develop the San Mateo Watershed, all the way
to Caspers Park, approximating Garden Grove etc.

The crushing burbs SC'ers fled from.

I've seen the original drawings.
Blanket development as far as the eye could see - east.
SC today, would look like Huntington Beach, sprawling
east to the Cleveland Nat Forest - with La Pata its major
north-south foothills traffic venue. Predicted heavy traffic

numbers back then. Thankfully, it didn't happen.

Important to remember, South County as it looks today,

is a Master Planned Community, beginning at Lake Forest,

down to here, one big-ass pre planned development result,

fed by toll roads.

Fact: Big, sprawling development, to gain approval,
require big roads in & out.

I don't think there's another Planned Development,
the size of South County anywhere (maybe China).
We're the master-planned American Model.
And, because Rancho Mission Viejo Corp owns
our southern-most half of the county, and Irvine Corp
owns the northern most half - so go our roads.
The developers / land owners plan the system.
Back in the day, the state had already put thru I-5,

and the 405, then stopped. This is the reason why,

TCA was necessarily conceived. To complete

the dream of South County's Master Plan.

In the original Plan, the 73 and 241 were drawn

as Freeways. But the state was broke, so no more
freeway construction. Hence toll roads, to open
up South County's desired open space, to build
homes on.

La Pata, never being completed, has all to do with
RMV Corp changing its mind on development

areas / where to place them.

Times change. Development thinking changes.

The Landfill, Forester Ranch and Talega have all
delayed La Pata's completion. Then came the toll
road Plan, further stalling La Pata.
All of the above land, is owned / once owned / and
or managed by RMV Corp. Get the picture?

Nothing new. It's basic to development anywhere.
And why traffic sucks, everywhere.
Because developers and land owners control it.
Politicans just follow orders.

Completing La Pata depends entirely on RMV Corp money.
$25 is already committed - but, until RMV starts building

their 14,000 more homes east of SJC, in 5,000 home housing
bubbles (each 5,000 home portion triggers more money
for La Pata), LaPata ain't gonna get finished.
What isn't on anyone's map, is a La Pata connector around

Steed Park, hooking up to Cristianitos Rd at I-5, forever

erasing a toll road threat, and taking traffic off of Pico.

(important to remember: a toll Road at Trestles is totally
superfluous unless one wants to develop-out the San Mateo
Watershed east of San Clemente. Remember Rule 1:
build the big road in, then sprawl in the development.
No road. No development.

Historically, Cristianitos Rd was / is, a paved farm-road
(RMV), extending from the Rancho HQ, north of Ortega -

south, to where Cristianitos Rd is now (gated off) at the

end of Pico...then resuming at Pendleton's north gate,

finishing off at I-5 / Trestles.

In other words, finishing La Pata to I-5 is mostly done,
with a mile and a half missing (Pico to Pendleton's north-gate).

All because the Navy "disconnected" Cristiantos Rd at Pico,

when creating Pendleton in WWII.

Everything here, regarding back country foothill "traffic,"

Cristinatos Rd, La Pata, Los Rambles, Los Mares, etc,

hinges on RMV Corp's development time table -

and always has.
He who owns the land, Rules.
As we all scream about paving thru the Donna O'Neill,
there's a paved road there now. It's been there for well
over a 100-years: Cristianitos Rd. From Ortega Hwy
south to Pico (with a 1-mile gap) reconnecting at

Pendleton's north gate, then to I-5.
What we experience here, regarding unfinished roads
seemingly to nowhere? Is why Joseph Heller wrote
his WWII classic novel 'Catch-22.'
A comedy of errors.

And or, a comedy of developmental changes over the

years to RMV Corps' many changing master-plans for

their Ranchos' vast open spaces, dictated by the

economy, at that time.

OC's elected-puppets, dance at the end of
Rancho Mission Viejo Corps strings.

Same for Irvine Corp. "He who has, Rules."
Interesting tidbit:

The old Hwy 101 concrete bridge, at Upper Trestles.
Where I stood for 7-years handing out Save Trestles
bumper stickers and signing up surfers - that bridge,
and its old road (101) heading south to SONGS,
is owned and maintained by RMV Corp.
But that's another story.
Here's more TCA Catch-22 News - their 73-toll road's

Non-Compete-Zone (can't fix I-5 if it steals traffic from

the 73, really) terminates in 2012.

That's why La Pata now has a 2012 start-date, signaling

the end of TCA's / Caltrans Non-Compete-Agreement.

So in other words: La Pata has effectively been purposely
stalled for decades, waiting for TCA to complete their 241,
green-lighted to Trestles in 2004 by the OC Supes.

A plan now dead as a doornail.

Catch 22 b) - but it takes RMV-$$$ to finish La Pata, and

RMV Corp ain't gonna build none of the 14,000 new houses
until the housing-market comes back. Most experts say
that won't happen for 5-years maaaaaaaaaaaaaybe.

So let's all enjoy our open spaces here, while we have'em.
Conclusion - it could have been much worse.

Goal: make it better.


by Jerry Collamer

Farmers Market San Clemente First Sunday

Farmers Market San Clemente Village, A Little "Mayberry by the Sea"

Sundays 9 a.m. 1 p.m.
S Calle Seville and Avenida Del Mar, San Clemente, CA 92672
949 492-6000

Cuesta Drive - Where the Palm Trees Grow

San Clemente Seafest, Josh Baxter Surfing, Cameo by Captain Jack Sparrow

The San Clement Seafest brought Josh Baxter out to surf a heat, brought Henry Ford out too call the action, and the Coast guard out to do a demo, with a cameo by Captain Jack Sparrow? The Good Life In San Clemente

San Clemente North Beach Eminent Domain

On August 5, 1970, the (San Clemente) City Council voted unanimously to take 10 lots away from private owners to create the existing parking triangle for public use. Excerpts from Resolution NO: 69-70 are as follows:

WHEREAS, the City of San Clemente is anticipating the acquisition of certain property for public improvement for off-street parking, public park and public use,...

WHEREAS, the City of San Clemente determines that the public interest, convenience and necessity require the acquisition of said land for public off-street parking, public park and public use within the City of San Clemente,...

BE IT RESOLVED ...that the public interest, convenience and necessity require the acquisition of property for a public improvement for off-street parking, public parking and public use abutting the present City of San Clemente Beach Club;...

BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED that F. Mackensie Brown as City Attorney... is hereby authorized,... [to acquire] by condemnation ... Lots 13 through 22, Tract No. 972, Block 31, page 7 records of Orange County....

ADOPTED, SIGNED, and APPROVED this 5th day of August, 1970.

want to know more?

North Beach San Clemente Metrolink Station Photosynth

A 360* view from the North Beach San Clemente Metrolink Station

1850 Avenida Estacion
San Clemente, CA 92672

Fwy., exit at Avenida Pico. Go West on Avenida Pico to station.

San Clemente Station Vicinity Map

- $1.00 per day for commuters (must arrive at the station between 4 a.m. – 9.a.m. to take advantage of the special Metrolink rate)
- $50 for a resident annual parking pass (12 months)
- $65 for a non-resident annual pass

OCTA91, StationLink 191


City of San Clemente, 100 Avenida Presidio, San Clemente, CA 92672

For station maintenance and repair: (949) 361-8200

For Metrolink customer service: (800) 371-LINK(5465) or (800) 698-4TDD(4833) for speech and hearing-impaired customers.

Station connects to the following lines:

Orange County Line - Inland Empire-Orange County Line

cheeseburger in paradise
Hearties San Clemente

San Clemente's Not the Same

re: SunPost, 9-23-10 cover headline:
Date with Destiny - fate of Playa
Del Norte (LAB at NB).

When I think "date with destiny,"
images of Lewis & Clark, Washington
crossing the Delaware, Founding
Fathers, Salk Vaccine, Freedom
Marches, Ending Slavery, Women's
Right to Vote all come to mind.
But shoehorning a supermarket
sized structure between 7-11 and
Ole's Swim Club at North Beach
is not destiny. Crunch the proposed
project's losing numbers, adds up
to one historically bad idea.
Doubters of this conclusion need
reread Ole Hanson's original 1925
Spanish Village by the Sea vision
statement: a city like a park. Where
everyone will have an ocean view.

San Clemente is unique, due entirely
to Ole's clear vision. No one since
has improved on it. No one ever will.
Lose it, and lose the San Clemente
Ole created for us. Walling off North
Beach's public ocean view is not
destiny, nor manifest.
Ole would not approve.
None of us should.

jerry collamer
231 La Paloma
San Clemente
Ca - 92672

San Clemente Pier Coastal Clean Up Day this Saturday!

Come to the San Clemente Pier this Saturday and be a part of one of the largest volunteer events of the year. Last year more than 80,600 volunteers worked together to collect more than 1,300,000 pounds of trash and recyclables from our beaches, lakes, and waterways. Come do your part!

San Clemente Beach House For Sale: $179,900

San Clemente Beach House For Sale: $179,900
"The Poche Hut"
102 Palm Drive, San Clemente, CA, 92672

In the wonderful, resident-owned Palm Beach Park community (55 or better)... just steps across the two-lane coast highway to your own, private, two-acre beach. The park features a clubhouse, pool, and other amenities as well.

Click to visit Our MLS Listing
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SHOWING: Trish Razzano of Century21 San Clemente
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- Or call her today: 949-357-5330 (cell)

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San Onofre Great White Shark Video

Me my Shark and I
by Chuck Patterson
        Click here to buy the original San Onofre Shark Warning tshirt! 
In recent weeks, a number of great white sharks have been seen in the close proximity to San Onofre. While this is a natural occurrence in the ocean environment, please use caution and report any sightings to park staff.

Solar Powered Parking Meters

Classic coin operated parking meters are being replaced with the solar powered credit card readers. I saw the new parking meters at the Pier Bowl in San Clemente. Times have sure changed!

San Clemente Pier Fireworks 2010

244 years of Independence Day in the Forth of July 1776-2010

15th Annual San Clemente Car Show

Thousands of auto aficionados thronged to downtown San Clemente for the 15th Annual San Clemente Car Show, to oogle and drool over the 300 custom, classic, hot rods, and sports cars on display under the brilliant beach town sun this past weekend. iReport

California On Panoramio

Today the Panoramio team launched the Panoramio Widget API, an easy way to publish photos of your favorite places right on your blog. Panoramio is a collection of user-submitted images from around the world. With the Panoramio Widget, you can share photos of places visited in your far-off travels, or of your favorite local haunts!

Watershed Revolution


Watershed Revolution is an award winning short documentary that asks the question, “What is a watershed?” The answer is explored through interviews with people working to protect and preserve the Ventura River, while stunning high definition cinematography brings to life the beauty of the river.

The 26-minute Surfrider sponsored film profiles community members and organizations working to protect and restore our watershed. It highlights the need for open space and floodplain protection, sustainable agriculture, and community awareness of our most precious resource: water.

More about the film visit:
To see the trailer: or

Watershed Revolution will be screening as the Newport Beach Film Festival on Sunday, April 25 as part of an Earthday documentary series at the Muth Interpretive Center at 2301 University Drive in Newport Beach. Six films will screen starting at 10:15 am. The filmmakers will be available for questions after the screening.

Welcome to the San Clemente Pier

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