Hidden Trestles PhotoWalk Gallery

Click Here For The #HiddenTrestles PhotoWalk Gallery

Saturday October 5th was a beautiful day for World Wide PhotoWalk Day in San Clemente as we explored the hidden side of Trestles with our guide Julie Faith, San Clemente Pier Bowl Local, Graffiti and Street Art Photographer.

20 photowalkers showed up, about 15 made it to the end of the trail, a mixture of crazy kids and hip adults for a walk down the Panhe nature trail thru a world renowned graffiti gallery to a world class surf break. The paint was fresh and the surf was pumping. If you walked with us please share your shots here, and tag them everywhere else with #HiddenTrestles so we can find and share them.

Please enjoy this 15 min short of our hidden trestles photowalk.


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