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Decades of overfishing, coastal development, and pollution have taken a toll on Southern California's ocean environment. To help improve our ocean's health, the State is setting aside protected zones similar to state parks so that marine life can thrive.

After a year of 'map-making' and planning, the Marine Life Protection Act (MLPA) process is in the home stretch. Local stakeholders are putting final touches on the maps and will come up with three different proposals. The three proposals will ultimately be forwarded to the Fish and Game Commission where they will vote on one map they think will work best for southern California.

This is one of your last chances to give meaningful input on where marine protected areas should be located! Please join Surfrider to learn more about the Marine Life Protection Act and to discuss the proposed maps. After the community forums, will compile all constructive comments into a letter that will be sent to decision makers before the final vote. We need to hear from you!

* 7:00-7:10Welcome and brief overview.
* 7:10-7:20Summary of Surfrider's outreach efforts over the past year and what we learned from local communities and Surfrider supporters.
* 7:20-7:40Overview and discussion of each map.
* 7:40-8:00Questions & Answers.

Community Forum Information:
September 23, Wednesday. 7-8pm
San Clemente Community/Senior Center
242 Avenida Del Mar
San Clemente, CA 92672-4005
Use the Library building entrance on Del Mar Street, and the Senior Center is on your left side of the lobby.

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About the Marine Life Protection Act

The MLPA is a law that requires the state to establish a "network" of marine protected areas from Oregon to the Mexican border. The goals of the MLPA are to: 'set aside' areas of the ocean to increase fish populations, enhance marine habitat, and to improve recreational and educational opportunities. Over the past year, has been working with diverse groups of people including recreationalists, fishermen, environmentalists, and Chapter activists to ensure the law is effectively implemented. To learn more visit: http://mlpasurfrider.blogspot.com/ or email Ssekich@surfrider.org


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